We are a reputable crew manning. ship management and marine fleets supplier, fuel and fresh water bunker, ships inspection and survey and vessel inward/outward clearance, transportation crews services.

We supply a wide range of stores, spare parts and equipment to the vessels, including cabin, deck, engine/spare parts, electrical and safety stores, charts, publications, general consumables and tools, supplying fresh and frozen provisions, dried and canned foods, beverages, dairy products and bonded stores, Catering Services. We also Provide a wide range of services such as engine maintenance and repair, welding, fabrication, etc

We have dedicated professional team in Indonesia, This facilitates us to fulfill the Vessel’s requirement by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time.


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To Principals

  • Qualified, experienced and well-educated crew
  • Compliant and responsible crew
  • Cost-effective, speedy and professional manning service
  • Well-organized on-line and off-line, DVD education programs
  • High retention rate of ex-crew
  • High rate of finishing contract
  • Non-drinking crew
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To Crews

  • Prompt and assured job placement
  • Career enhancement and development
  • Care immediate families sincerely
  • Provide remittance promptly
  • Reasonable promotion management
  • Special loan program for upgrading license according to evaluation
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