We take valuable to humbly introduce our company to your good self, and submit that our activities range comprises best agency services. We sincerely hope that our agency profile detailed here under will receive your kind attention and your esteemed organization is requested to bestow some consideration and please assign us a job of agency attendance and other related jobs.

The Amancare Crewindo Ship Manning & Management Corporation is well prepared to meet the expectations and demands of our clients, well into the 21stcentury. Our teams of multi-lingual and professional staff are very attentive to your needs and they will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our mission is to develop and protect the interest of our Clients, to meet profit expectations, secure, satisfying work, and environment friendly between our employers. And “to provide an Equal Opportunity Employment for Our Indonesian Seafarers”.

As agent to serve better our Principals and client, we maintain the Highest Standard of Crewing and Manning Operation Management. We provide Quality Service in order to best satisfy our client’s legitimate requirements.

We are ready to look through any offering on your part. In setting up business contacts, we are prepared to conclude agreements relating to all crewing matters with prospective partners on the basic of a mutually beneficial support in crewing. Below is our Company organization Chart, recruitment procedures and screening selection.

We look forward for an opportunity to discuss our proposals personally, Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Amancare Crewindo