The time-consuming task of recruiting, screening, interviewing.

1. Understanding your needs
a) Initial study of your requirements & subsequent primary discussion of details with your representative.
b) Visit from our executive for formal discussion & finalization of terms & condition.
c) Submission of various documents by the client, such as Agency Agreement, Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Employee Services Agreement etc.

2. Personnel Evaluation
a) Collecting of the data from our constantly updated nationwide data base, based upon your requirements & policies.
b) Advertisement & head hunting to match your precise specifications, if required.
c) Security & evaluation of the resume received.
d) Short listing of the candidates based on merit.

3. Personnel Selection by Our Professional Team:
a) Invitation of the short listed candidates for interview.
b) Submission of the final short listed, post-interview candidates to the employer for final selection.
c) The employer may also select the candidates via the following methods:
i.The entire selection may be evaluated by our Professional Team.
ii.If the employer wishes to carry out the selection, the employer’s designated interviewers are invited to our offices in Jakarta. We provide all the required assistance, trade testing & amenities to the interviewers.

4. Medical Checkup
a) The finalized candidates are then sent to accredit Department of Labor Hospital to for their medical examinations which held the IMO Approval Methods.
b) Test carried out include:
I. Blood
II. Chest X-Ray
III. Urine
IV. Stool
V. The mandatory HIV/AIDS test

5. Orientation & Pre & Post-Departure Routines
a) Basic orientation of the personnel so that they cope better when placed into an unfamiliar environment
b) Processing of travel documents
c) Immigration formalities
d) Air tickets
e) Post departure follow-up with the client to ensure costumer satisfaction with the candidates sent

6. Guarantee
We assure quality and safe work by personnel supplied by us, our company safety policy is Zero accident.
We assure all our clients that personnel selected through us are best in the respective industry, medically fit and free from any infectious diseases.

Our computerized system matches seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and you benefit from re-employing crews familiar with your vessels, your procedures and your policies.

Before a new name can be added to our data base, the seafarer’s qualifications and experience are verified and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organization to ensure they are true. Additionally, the seafarer’s professional attitude and behavior is assessed through our personal interviewers.


The time-consuming task of recruiting screening, interviewing, selecting, hiring is assume by Powerindo Crewing Indonesia, Crew Management, leaving you more time for other areas management that contribute to your company’s financial success Our services :


  • Crewing
    We have the best officers and ratings with relevant experience on variable vessels for all ranks.
  • These officers and ratings have undergone training with the best maritime training institutes in Indonesia, and are abreast with the best maritime training institutes in Indonesia, and are abreast with STCW-2010 modular and non-modular courses.
  • We also have experience in providing professionals for passenger cruise liners for all categories.

We have experience and qualified marine engineers who are abreast with the latest IMO and classification society’s rules and regulations.


  • Crew and Crew Management
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Certification
  • Evaluation & Assessment Report
  • Pre-Employment Medical Check-up Evaluation