Services We Provide

  • Crew Manning Services
  • Ship Management
  • Marine Fleets Supplier
  • Fuel and Fresh Water Bunker
  • Ships Inspection and Survey
  • Vessel Inward/Outward Clearance
  • Warehouse Rentals


  • Transportation Crew Services
  • Foreign Permit and Documentation
  • Food Provision Supply & Catering service
  • Lodging/Hotel Arrangement
  • Flight Ticket Arrangement
  • Waste Management & Disposal
  • Jack-Up Rigs Survey

Launch Services

Quality Services

Amancare Crewindo Salim is committed to provide quality services to all our Customers, and to conduct all business and operational activities in a responsible, safe, sustainable and profitable manner, through constant and continual improvement in all areas of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment.

Jack-Up Rigs Survey

We Have a long track record of surveying jack-up rigs

We also have well proven standardized solution for the survey

We promised you we will navigate the rig in a safe and controlled manner.

Marine Inspection and Survey

It all starts with understanding the client’s requirements. AMANCARE provides total solution which matches the needs. We provide our clients fully integrated solutions with innovative new concepts and ideas. Our Services include the following :

  • OVID preparations.

  • Bunker Survey.

  • On and off hire surveys.

  • Marine Assurance survey.

  • Cargo survey.

Supply of Marine Products and Manpower

Amancare Crewindo Salim is engaged in the supply of crews and marine equipment & replacement spare parts. We are one of the preferred suppliers and replacement spare parts in Indonesian ports.

Due to our experience and close partnerships with our clients and several manufacturers we offer a wide range of technical products.

When it comes to logistics, AMANCARE doesn’t see any barriers, only challenges. Our international network extents through forwarders and shipping agents in Indonesia. We can ship the desired products to your warehouse or deliver directly on board of your vessel, if necessary.

For competent manpower and seafarers, AMANCARE has proven its capability when it mobilization or demobilization. Not only mobilizing the staff from multi international location, we ensured they are qualified and ready to work upon arrival.